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About Smart Catch

About Smart Catch

Passionate Minds.
Protecting Oceans.
Pioneering Sustainability.

Smart Catch is led by a team of dedicated experts who are passionate about protecting our oceans and supporting responsible practices.

A Legacy of Sustainability

The Story of Smart Catch from Past to Present


Smart Catch begins as a Seattle-based pilot initiative by Vulcan Inc. aimed at boosting the inclusion of sustainable seafood options on restaurant menus.

Smart Catch 2015


To scale the program nationally, Smart Catch is gifted to the James Beard Foundation. Postelsia becomes the foundation’s sustainability partner and manages the Smart Catch program. Through menu assessments, chefs are educated on the sustainability of their menu items and learn about alternatives to consider.

James Beard Foundation Smart Catch


After a hiatus caused by the pandemic, Smart Catch is relaunched by the James Beard Foundation in partnership with Postelsia, now as a division of Where Food Comes From. The new and improved Smart Catch program is celebrated through chef events hosted at the iconic James Beard House in New York and at Socalo in Los Angeles.


Ownership of Smart Catch is fully transferred to Where Food Comes From, expanding its impact by enhancing transparency and sustainability across seafood supply chains while supporting chefs and restaurants in sustainable menu choices.

What's next for Smart Catch?  

We will continue to support chefs and restaurants, but new for the Smart Catch program is the inclusion of distributors and even retailers to participate in the program.  The entire seafood supply chain can now begin emphasizing responsible seafood sourcing and it's impact around the world.

WFCF Smart Catch
WFCF Smart Catch
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Unlocking Your Success Through Expert Services

At Smart Catch, we are dedicated to your success. Our key services are designed to elevate your culinary and sustainability efforts. Ready to discover how?

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