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How It Works

How It Works

Smart Catch Step-by-Step


Getting Started is Easy!
Complete an Interest Form with basic information to begin the process.

Upon form submission, you will receive an email to confirm your information has been received along with program details and instructions for completing an assessment.


Data Collection:

Compile and submit all purchasing information for every seafood item sold for a period of at least 6 months. This includes essential information such as each seafood species along with its associated source (catch or farming method and location), any associated certifications, and how much volume you have purchased (e.g. pounds).


If more information in needed to complete your assessment, Smart Catch will be in touch with a list of clear questions.


Smart Catch Assessment:

Smart Catch assesses the sustainability of your seafood items against program criteria.


Once complete, your Smart Catch score will be provided along with your status in the program. We provide you with detailed sustainability performance feedback in your assessment.


If you achieve “Leader” or “Ambassador” status you will be appointed with the Smart Catch seal to share on your menus, website, etc. to show your commitment to sustainable seafood sourcing.

WFCF Smart Catch Leader


Alternative Recommendations:
Smart Catch offers sustainability-aligned seafood sourcing recommendations if desired. We help participants improve and connect to sustainable seafood products


Ongoing Support:
Smart Catch provides continuous support and resources to maintain sustainable seafood practices.

This journey not only ensures a systematic and supportive approach to participating in the Smart Catch program but also encourages continuous engagement and improvement in sustainable seafood sourcing.

WFCF Smart Catch Leader
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Unlocking Your Success Through Expert Services

At Smart Catch, we are dedicated to your success. Our key services are designed to elevate your culinary and sustainability efforts. Ready to discover how?

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