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Vitaly Paley

When our restaurants joined the Smart Catch program, we realized the staggering impact of our seafood consumption. In a single quarter, our small restaurant group used over 30,000 pounds of seafood. This prompted us to educate ourselves and collaborate with suppliers to ensure our firm commitment to responsible seafood sourcing, focusing on the highest quality and sustainability.”



Smart Catch provides unbiased, chef-directed resources and aligns with the latest sustainability standards. Their efforts to foster a community among culinary leaders for collaboration are remarkable. My partnership with Smart Catch has been invaluable, and I wholeheartedly recommend them."


Tu David Phu
Jen Jasinski

Smart Catch has proven to be a valuable tool in sparking curiosity and excitement among my culinary team, inspiring them to explore and purchase sustainable products. I would like to challenge any chefs to join the Smart Catch program and make an impact one plate at a time.”


I rely on Smart Catch as it is an excellent resource for choosing the best seafood for our menus. Your team, your guests, and your community will thank you for your commitment to serving the best and most sustainable ingredients from our watershed.”


William Dissen
Rick Bower

Smart Catch has been pivotal in allowing me to educate our staff and clientele on the benefits of sustainable sourcing and sustainable dining. The program provides benchmarks, motivating me to ensure that every ounce of seafood that graces our cutting boards is properly harvested and treated with respect. Smart Catch empowers chefs to directly engage their customers in sustainability through their menus and mission.”


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At Smart Catch, we are dedicated to your success. Our key services are designed to elevate your culinary and sustainability efforts. Ready to discover how?

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