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Navigating New Horizons

Your Path to Sourcing Sustainable Seafood

Smart Catch makes choosing sustainable seafood easy.

Seafood industry stakeholders play a crucial role in driving positive changes and shaping consumer choices. Smart Catch acknowledges excellence while promoting ongoing improvements in culinary practices and seafood supply chains.

We aim to lead the seafood industry toward sustainability through chef, distributor and retailer empowerment as well as seafood producer support. We evaluate seafood purchases, offer guidance on sustainable choices, educate chefs and distributors all while assisting buyers and retailers alike in sourcing responsible seafood to drive positive change throughout the industry.

We envision a world where seafood is savored without compromising the health of our marine ecosystems. We aspire to lead the culinary and seafood industries towards a sustainable future, where responsible choices become second nature, ensuring that future generations can enjoy the treasures of the sea.

Smart Catch is led by a team of dedicated experts who are passionate about protecting our oceans and supporting responsible practices.

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Smart Catch: Your Seafood Sustainability Partner

We are your culinary compass for responsible seafood sourcing. We empower chefs, restaurants, distributors and retailers to navigate the vast sea of sustainability, ensuring that every choice made today supports a healthier, more abundant future.

Why Choose Smart Catch?

Sustainability Experts: We can lead you to the best sustainable seafood producers in the world as we work to promote sustainable seafood practices, setting industry standards that benefit our oceans, our communities, and our palates.


Culinary Innovation: Chefs and even retailers are inspired to explore the diverse world of sustainable seafood, infusing menus with fresh, delicious options that delight diners and protect our marine ecosystems.


Environmental Stewardship: By partnering with Smart Catch, you become a guardian of our oceans, safeguarding precious marine life, habitats, and the livelihoods of coastal communities.


Industry Connections: We foster collaborations between chefs, distributors, retailers and seafood producers to forge a responsible seafood supply chain that resonates with consumers seeking responsible choices.


Global Impact: Your association with Smart Catch extends far beyond your kitchen or your grocery store. Together, we contribute to a sustainable future for our planet, one plate at a time.

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Unlocking Your Success Through Expert Services

At Smart Catch, we are dedicated to your success. Our key services are designed to elevate your culinary and sustainability efforts. Ready to discover how?

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